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46 Inch TV Dimensions

Find actual dimensions of 46 inch televisions from different brands

TV Dimensions

Are you in the market for a new television but feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options available? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will unravel the mysteries of 46-inch TV dimensions, making it easier for you to understand which size is the perfect fit for your space.

With so many brands and models out there, it's no wonder consumers often find themselves puzzled when it comes to selecting the right TV size. However, understanding the dimensions of a 46-inch TV can help you make an informed decision and ensure that the television fits seamlessly into your living room or entertainment area.

From the width and height to the depth and weight, we will dive into every aspect of a 46-inch TV's dimensions, providing you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best choice. Whether you're into movie marathons or gaming sessions, this guide will equip you with all the information you need to bring home the perfect 46-inch TV for your viewing pleasure.

No longer will you be left scratching your head in confusion at the electronics store. Let's get started on your journey to understanding 46-inch TV dimensions!

Below are the dimensions of the 46 inch tv, specified in inches, cm and mm.

  • inch
  • cm
  • mm
Dimensions Televisions with same Dimensions
Width Height Depth
With Stand 1065.4 mm 679.3 mm 235 mm Samsung UA46F6100ARLXL Samsung UA46F6100ARLXL 2014 Samsung UA46F6100AR Samsung UA46F6100AR 2014
Without Stand 1065.4 mm 622.5 mm 49.6 mm
With Stand 1059.8 mm 680.7 mm 227.6 mm Samsung UA46EH5000R Samsung UA46EH5000R 2014
Without Stand 1059.8 mm 625.6 mm 94.3 mm
With Stand 1059 mm 659 mm 298 mm Sony KDL-46W700A Sony KDL-46W700A 2014
Without Stand 1059 mm 626 mm 64 mm
With Stand 1059.6 mm 686.1 mm 235 mm Samsung UA46F5100ARLXL Samsung UA46F5100ARLXL 2013 Samsung UA46F5500ARLXL Samsung UA46F5500ARLXL 2013 Samsung UA46F5500AR Samsung UA46F5500AR 2013 Samsung UA46F5100AR Samsung UA46F5100AR 2013
Without Stand 1059.6 mm 626.2 mm 49.4 mm
With Stand 1060 mm 685 mm 280 mm Philips 46PFL4758 Philips 46PFL4758 2013
Without Stand 1060 mm 625 mm 65 mm
With Stand 1054 mm 643 mm 181 mm Sony KLV-46R452A Sony KLV-46R452A 2013
Without Stand 1054 mm 625 mm 77 mm
With Stand 1088 mm 705 mm 295 mm Philips 46PFL8577-V7 Philips 46PFL8577-V7 2012
Without Stand 1088 mm 662 mm 44 mm
With Stand 1062.8 mm 682.4 mm 228.1 mm Samsung UA46ES5600R Samsung UA46ES5600R 2012
Without Stand 1062.8 mm 631.1 mm 46.9 mm
With Stand 1081.41 mm 710.4 mm 239.57 mm Philips 46PFL5556-V7 Philips 46PFL5556-V7 2011
With Stand 1122 mm 731 mm 268 mm Philips 46PFL6605-98 Philips 46PFL6605-98 2010
Without Stand 1122 mm 685 mm 87 mm
With Stand 1103 mm 716 mm 265 mm Philips 46PFL8605-98 Philips 46PFL8605-98 2010
Without Stand 1103 mm 669 mm 42.4 mm