Smart TV Guide?

Posted : 6th May 2022

From powering on the TV to setting up WIFI connections each TV shows different instructions set. Setting up your smart TV generally includes selecting the language, connecting to your local Wi-Fi network and agreeing to privacy policies.

How to start smart tv?

When you turn on your TV the remote of some brands automatically pair up. If it doesn’t pair point the remote at the remote control sensor on the front of the TV.

Use the Up and down buttons on the remote to select the desired language.

How do you set up a smart tv first time?

1. Turn On your TV.

2. Select your desired language.

3. On the Privacy policy, Select Enable Smart TV.

4. On the country screen select your country.

5. If any interactive Application privacy policy appears, select Agree.

6. On the Auto Program screen, select OK to set up the channels on your TV.

7. Select Current Date and Time to set the date and time.

8. Select OK to finish up the setup.

How do I connect my smart tv to WIFI?

1. Press the Home button to access the menu.

2. Open your TV’s main setting menu.

3. Click on General Network.

4. Click on “Open the Network Settings”.

5. Select “Wireless”.

6. Choose your Network and enter the password.

7. Just like that your Network is connected.

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